• Seismic sensing promises safer buildings

    Wellington based company Global Seismic Data has installed what it claims is a world-first into a number of buildings in Wellington: A cloud-based system for monitoring the impact of seismic activity on a structure.

    11 June 19 09:44 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Salesforce bets on big data with US$15.3 billion Tableau buy has agreed to buy big data firm Tableau Software for US$15.3 billion, adding muscle in its fight with Microsoft for a bigger share of the market that helps businesses target customers with tools to analyze and visualize data.

    11 June 19 09:31 Written by Reuters
  • AGL makes new Vocus buyout offer

    An acquisition of Vocus by Australian energy company AGL is back on the table. Vocus revealed this morning that it had agreed to due diligence terms with AGL.

    11 June 19 09:14 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Some big tech firms cut employees' access to Huawei, muddying 5G rollout

    Some of the world’s biggest tech companies have told their employees to stop talking about technology and technical standards with counterparts at Huawei in response to the recent U.S. blacklisting of the Chinese tech firm, according to people familiar with the matter.

    11 June 19 08:29 Written by Reuters
  • Survey shows Kiwis concerned about identity online

    Seventy nine percent of New Zealanders are concerned about the protection of their identity and use of personal data by organisations, according to a survey commissioned by Digital Identity New Zealand (DINZ), a member of the NZ Tech Alliance.

    07 June 19 10:21 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Microsoft, Oracle team up on cloud services in jab at Amazon

    Microsoft and Oracle have reached an agreement to make their two cloud computing services work together with high-speed links between their data centres, targeting big business users and uniting against cloud leader AWS.

    06 June 19 11:38 Written by Reuters
  • YouTube reversal bans Holocaust hoaxers, stops pay for borderline creators

    YouTube has announced it will remove videos that deny factual catastrophes such as the Holocaust ever happened and stop sharing ad revenue with channels that skirt too close to its rules, a major policy reversal as it fights criticism that it provides a platform for hate speech and harassment.

    06 June 19 09:41 Written by Reuters
  • Should Big Tech fear US antitrust enforcers?

    The arcane topic of antitrust law is getting more attention with the U.S. government gearing up to investigate whether Google, Facebook, Apple, and compete fairly.

    06 June 19 09:33 Written by Reuters
  • QuantumBlack open sources its data analytics framework

    A new open source framework that aims to make building machine learning pipelines easier for data scientists was released today by QuantumBlack, the data analytics outfit snapped up by McKinsey in 2015 and that has its roots in data work for Formula 1 racing teams.

    05 June 19 23:26 Written by By Tamlin Magee
  • Cisco wil use AI/ML to boost intent-based networking

    Cisco explains how artificial intelligence and machine learning fit into a feedback loop that implements and maintain desired network conditions to optimise network performance for workloads using real-time data.

    05 June 19 22:55 Written by Michael Cooney
  • Government sets out options for ‘Facebook tax’

    The minister for finance, Grant Robinson, has released a document canvassing the options for taxing services provided purely digitally, the so called ‘Facebook tax’.

    05 June 19 09:55 Written by Stuart Corner