• Google reportedly plans ad blocking feature for Chrome browser

    Google makes a lot of money from online advertisements. In what appears to be a surprising move at first glance, the company is likely to introduce an ad blocking feature that could be turned on by default in desktop and mobile versions of its Chrome browser, according to a news report.

    20 April 17 16:43 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Facebook aims to let people type from their brain, hear with skin

    Facebook revealed Wednesday that it is working on technology to let people type straight from their brains at 100 words per minute, besides disclosing another project directed at allowing people to hear with their skin.

    20 April 17 14:43 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Bringing agile to life

    Similar to leading companies ING, Spotify, Google and Netflix, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has embarked on an agile transformation - but what does this really mean for the PEXA team?

    20 April 17 12:43 Written by Trevor Nelson, PEXA
  • Mobile app to give Lions branding edge against the All Blacks

    When the British & Irish Lions rugby team faces off against the All Blacks in New Zealand in June fans of the team will have access to a host of information about players and matches thanks to a mobile app developed by EY (Ernst t& Young).

    20 April 17 09:37 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Vodafone seeks to support promising startups with xone

    Vodafone has launched its second xone accelerator programme offering funding packages worth $150,000 that include cash, office space, workshops, events, and network access to the 10 startups selected to join the programme.

    20 April 17 09:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • What 5G means for your business

    The 5G-powered enterprise will be less constrained by its physical location thanks to vastly improved service delivery capabilities that improve employee and customer engagement

    20 April 17 07:18 Written by By Alok Shah, Vice President, Strategy, Business Development, and Marketing, Samsung Networks
  • Here's everything announced at Wednesday's AWS Summit

    AWS unveiled a smorgasbord of new functionality, including new billing for software-as-a-service applications, a new continuous integration tool, and enhancements to the company’s database services. Here’s the rundown of what got announced.

    20 April 17 04:39 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • SnapLogic's AI simplifies enterprise software connections

    SnapLogic wants to make it easier for users of its enterprise software integration platform to connect components of their business systems. The company unveiled a new feature on Tuesday that uses machine learning to suggest what users may want to do.

    20 April 17 02:35 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Surveys show high hopes, deep concerns about IoT

    Industrial IoT's big future is starting to become a reality, but many companies still don't think they're ready for it. Those are some of the findings in surveys released on Tuesday by the Business Performance Innovation Network and the Eclipse IoT Working Group.

    20 April 17 01:17 Written by Stephen Lawson
  • Oracle adds attention analytics to its data cloud with Moat buy

    Oracle's online advertising analytics platform will soon know even more about what you are watching, where and when: The company has agreed to buy Moat, which aims to track how much attention consumers are paying to online media.

    20 April 17 01:16 Written by Peter Sayer
  • Can the enterprise save Facebook bots?

    Facebook’s bumpy introduction of bot capabilities inside its Messenger service may be saved by an unlikely candidate: business users.

    20 April 17 00:46 Written by Blair Hanley Frank
  • Demystifying network analytics

    Understanding how analytics should work is key to the future of network operations

    19 April 17 23:46 Written by By Anand Srinivas, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Nyansa
  • Oracle fixes Struts and Shadow Brokers exploits in huge patch release

    Oracle released a record 299 security fixes for vulnerabilities in its products, including patches for a widely exploited vulnerability in the Apache Struts framework and a Solaris exploit supposedly used by the U.S. National Security Agency.

    19 April 17 22:37 Written by Lucian Constantin
  • Baidu to share autonomous vehicle technology

    Hoping to get self-driving vehicle companies to share a common platform rather than design from scratch, Baidu said Tuesday it would offer its technology for autonomous driving to other companies, while also partnering in the joint sourcing of components and hardware.

    19 April 17 14:15 Written by John Ribeiro
  • Spark to scrap PSTN, replace with IP network

    Spark has unveiled a five-year plan to scrap its aging circuit-switched public telephone network and replace it with IP technology.

    19 April 17 10:54 Written by Stuart Corner