• REANNZ turns on its Hawaiki cable capacity

    Research and Education Advanced Network NZ (REANNZ) has activated capacity on the new Hawaiki Cable saying it provides the first dedicated, high-speed connection to the US for New Zealand researchers, enabling them to be partners in world-leading research collaborations.

    23 Oct. 18 08:57 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Cylance keeps Property Brokers cyber-safe

    After fighting a losing battle against malware that culminated in a ransomware attack, New Zealand real estate organisation Property Brokers deployed Cylance's antivirus software and says it has successfully blocked all attacks.

    23 Oct. 18 08:52 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Wi-Fi site survey tips

    Wi-Fi can be fickle. The RF signals and wireless devices don’t always do what’s expected – it’s as if they have their own minds at times. Wireless site survey tools can help avoid Wi-Fi interference issues and WLAN configuration problems.

    23 Oct. 18 03:17 Written by Eric Geier
  • Apple CEO calls on Bloomberg to retract spy chip story

    Apple chief executive Tim Cook has said that Bloomberg should retract a story that claimed Apple's internal computer systems had been infiltrated by malicious computer chips inserted by Chinese intelligence agents.

    22 Oct. 18 12:51 Written by Reuters
  • Twilio announces new products, Autopilot and Pay

    At the Twilio SIGNAL conference for customers and developers currently taking place in San Fransisco, the company announced the launch of two new products, Autopilot and Pay.

    19 Oct. 18 13:02 Written by By Laurie Clarke
  • Daimler invests in NZ avatar developer Soul Machines

    Daimler Financial Services, the financial and mobility services arm of German car maker Daimler, has taken an unspecified "strategic investment" in New Zealand company Soul Machines, which has produced a digital-created human face able to speak text with intonation and facial expressions.

    18 Oct. 18 12:20 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Trans-Tasman e-invoice could save $30b in 10 years

    The New Zealand and Australian governments are inviting submissions on a proposed trans-Tasman e-invoicing standard, being developed as part of the Single Economic Market agenda (SEM), designed to create a seamless trans-Tasman business environment.

    18 Oct. 18 12:14 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Google to charge smartphone makers for Google Play in Europe

    Google has revamped how it distributes its mobile apps in the European Union, introducing a licensing fee for device makers to access its app marketplace in a response to regulators' findings that it had broken antitrust law.

    17 Oct. 18 14:33 Written by Reuters
  • What is a private cloud? (And some things that it's not)

    Here's a clear definition of private cloud that should help lift some of misconceptions about what private cloud is and is not, and reaffirm that private cloud is definitely not dead.

    17 Oct. 18 09:12 Written by Brandon Butler