• Northland Health Board improves online access to patient data

    Staff of Northland District Health Board has been given access to data of patients in all Northland hospices via the hospices’ PalCare system that holds electronic records of all Northland’s Hospice patients.

    16 Feb. 18 16:37 Written by Stuart Corner
  • The robots are coming – to rural schools

    Researchers at the University of Auckland have published a study that finds companion robots in rural schools could help children learn.

    16 Feb. 18 16:36 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Vivid Solutions videoconferencing added to TaaS panel

    A videoconferencing service born out of the need for paediatricians at Auckland’s Starship Hospital to conduct video consultations with their patients throughout New Zealand has made it onto the government’s Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) pane.

    16 Feb. 18 09:53 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Orion Health offers integration services on AWS

    NZX-listed health software company, Orion Health (NZX: OHE) has announced the global launch of a cloud-based integration service running on Amazon Web Services that is says has the capability to manage and maintain the entire integration engine for customers.

    16 Feb. 18 09:47 Written by Stuart Corner
  • FedEx exposes customer records

    Global package delivery company FedEx says it has secured some of the customer identification records that were left on an unsecured AWS S3 bucket, and so far has found no evidence that private data was "misappropriated."

    16 Feb. 18 09:18 Written by Reuters
  • What is IPv6, and why aren’t we there yet?

    For the most part the dire warnings about running out of internet addresses have ceased because, slowly but surely, migration from the world of Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) to IPv6 has begun, and software is in place to prevent the address apocalypse that many were predicting.

    15 Feb. 18 23:07 Written by Keith Shaw
  • Empired’s growth stalled by protracted NZ election

    Diversified IT services company Empired is blaming a protracted New Zealand election for dragging it first half revenue for NZ down by 13 percent, and limiting overall growth to two percent, despite revenue from its Auckland business growing by 18 percent.

    14 Feb. 18 15:08 Written by Stuart Corner
  • This shopping cart knows what you’ve bought

    A Foodstuffs retail outlet in Auckland is to become the first retailer in the world to trial New Zealand-developed artificial intelligence technology that will identify items placed in a shopping trolley solely on the basis of image analysis.

    14 Feb. 18 09:26 Written by Stuart Corner
  • IBM sues former HR boss hired by Microsoft

    IBM has sued its former executive Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, who was named Microsoft new chief diversity officer over the weekend, alleging violation of a one-year non-competitive agreement.

    14 Feb. 18 08:24 Written by Reuters
  • NZ ‘spoilt for choice’ with LPWAN options, says IDC

    According to IDC New Zealand organisations will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting low power wireless connectivity for their Internet of Things solutions, with seven nationwide networks in various stages of deployment.

    13 Feb. 18 16:05 Written by Stuart Corner
  • CTO candidates don’t cut the mustard, says Curran

    Digital services minister Clare Curran says none of the more than 60 applicants for the post of New Zealand’s first chief technology officer merit appointment, and the government will widen its search.

    13 Feb. 18 16:03 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ VR/AR association teams with Massey University

    ​The New Zealand VR/AR Association (NZVRARA) and Massey University School of Design have formed a strategic partnership to support New Zealand’s virtual and mixed reality sector.

    12 Feb. 18 16:22 Written by Stuart Corner
  • NZ DNA analysis software finds US killers

    STRmix, forensic software developed jointly by New Zealand’s Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) and Forensic Science South Australia (FSSA) that is claimed to be able to resolve previously unresolvable mixed DNA profiles, has been credited with bringing criminals to justice in two recent US murder investigations.

    12 Feb. 18 13:51 Written by Stuart Corner