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  • Yahoo! + Telecom Xtra = True

    What Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung recently referred to as the "worst kept secret in the industry" is now official: the telco is partnering with Yahoo! to provide content and online services for its Xtra web portal.

  • Yahoo opens up members' data

    Yahoo has introduced a mechanism for external developers to give their web applications access to data that Yahoo members have stored in Yahoo services.

  • CipherTrust upgrades IM security

    Security company CipherTrust recently announced an upgrade to its appliance designed to secure and manage corporate use of instant messaging with features that add tighter control and better threat protection to this popular communication channel.

  • Microsoft eyeing deal to rival Google-AOL

    Microsoft may be cooking up a major internet partnership to rival Google's newly bolstered relationship with American Online (AOL), according to a blog posting by a Microsoft manager.

  • Yahoo defends actions in Chinese journalist case

    Yahoo's chairman and chief executive officer Terry Semel strongly defended the company's decision to turn over evidence to Chinese authorities that helped the government convict a local journalist and send him to jail for 10 years.

  • Report: Yahoo to pay $1.4 billion for stake in Alibaba

    Yahoo is poised to pay US$1 billion (NZ$1.4 billion) to buy a 35% stake in and hand its Chinese operations over to the e-commerce vendor, the Dow Jones Newswire is reporting, citing "a person familiar with the deal".

  • Olympic sites start to hot up

    NZoom's Olympics Web site has shown up in an Asia Pacific-wide ratings sweep - but the most popular Games sites in the region are Japanese.