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  • Opinion: Dancing portal partnership polka

    Things are only just beginning to settle down after the last year's round of portal partnership polka, which saw Telecom dump its alignment with MSN in favour of Yahoo and MSN then strike a deal with magazine publisher ACP, among others.

  • Analysis: Yahoo bid could backfire lest Microsoft changes ways

    Microsoft's US$44.6 billion (NZ$56 billion) offer to purchase Yahoo is a dramatic statement from a company that delayed acknowledging the importance of emerging web business models for so long, it faced becoming an also-ran in the Web 2.0 economy.

  • Yahoo settles with jailed journo

    Yahoo has settled a lawsuit brought against it on behalf of imprisoned Chinese journalist Shi Tao, and pro-democracy writer Wang Xiaoning, according to court documents. It has also agreed to pay the plaintiff's legal costs. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed and Yahoo could not be reached for comment.

  • Xtra still dealing with aftermath of the Bubble bursting

    Telecom’s launch of the Yahoo!Xtra Bubble service got the public’s attention for all the wrong reasons after last weekend's outages which saw thousands of customers cut off from email service, flooded with spam and unable to get through to Xtra’s helpline.

  • Web threatens traditional news organisations

    The internet is a threat to traditional news organisations, which no longer have the advantage of being the first to report breaking news online, according to a Harvard University study (pdf) released last week.

  • Yahoo opens access to advertising system APIs

    Yahoo is making APIs (application programming interfaces) available for external developers so they can build tools and applications for its new Panama search advertising platform.

  • Microsoft tops web traffic in December

    Microsoft drew the largest number of web site visitors worldwide in December, a recurring accomplishment that makes the company's disappointing online ad business all the more disconcerting.

  • Yahoo to preview Messenger for Windows Vista

    Yahoo will give users a preview of what it will be like to use a new and improved version of Yahoo Messenger on Microsoft's Windows Vista at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show this year.