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  • Ahoy, RSS Enterprise

    Inventor Charles Kettering once said, "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there."

  • Ready for RSS?

    What if your company were making major changes to the way it communicates, but you never got the memo? Something like that is happening with RSS (really simple syndication), a web-based subscribe/publish protocol.

  • Is there an echo in here?

    I reported three weeks ago that the Windows Update routine had been changed by Microsoft so that it now uploads your Product ID number and a list of your installed hardware.

  • Enterprise update

    To those of us who live in the Windows environment, it sometimes feels like a warm, familiar blanket. But with all the patches we have to apply, it looks more like a crazy quilt.

  • Windows file update

    I reported last time that the Windows Update routine was quietly changed a few months ago to upload to Microsoft your Product ID and a list of your hardware. Prior to the change, Microsoft merely downloaded a list of all available fixes. Your PC then figured out which ones you didn't have without sending any data back to the software giant.