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  • Telecom's XT network passes first tests

    Computerworld had the opportunity to organise some quick speed testing on Telecom’s new XT WCDMA mobile network, and the results don’t disappoint.
    On paper, the XT network offers 14.4Mbit/s downloads and 5.76Mbit/s uploads, according to Rebecca Earl, Telecom’s sponsorship and mobile product manager. She says that average speeds will be 3Mbit/s downloads and 1Mbit/s uploads.
    The testing bears out Earl’s statements: using www.speedtest.net and connecting to four different servers in New Zealand, Computerworld saw speeds well over 3Mbit/s for downloads during daytime, hitting over 6Mbit/s at night.

  • Vodafone shows off HSDPA

    New Zealand will get a taste of the next generation high-speed network technology for GSM/UMTS operators later today when Vodafone demonstrates HSDPA to media.