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  • Vodafone seeks AI and IoT startups wanting acceleration

    Vodafone has launched the third round of its annual startup accelerator program, Vodafone xone, saying that, this year, it is looking for early and late stage Kiwi start-ups with clever ideas in the AI, IoT and data analytics sectors.

  • Vodafone revamps fixed broadband plans

    Vodafone has introduced a new range of home broadband plans that include 24/7 support and the ability to use the Vodafone mobile network if the fixed line broadband service fails.

  • Spark plans NZ-wide wireless networks for IoT

    Within hours of Vodafone NZ on 3 July announcing plans to add NB-IoT capability to its mobile network to meet the requirements of communication with IoT devices, Spark announced plans to rollout a New Zealand-wide low powered wide area network for IoT. Spark 's network will be based on the LoRaWAN technology.

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