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  • How to nominate someone for Internet Hall of Fame

    National Baseball Hall of Fame voters made headlines this week for sending steroid-era players a message by not letting any of them into the Cooperstown shrine this year. Nothing like that's going to happen with the Internet Society's Internet Hall of Fame, which today opens up the nomination process for its class of 2013.

  • Turning off pieces of the net 'not sensible': Vint Cerf

    Vint Cerf — who recently visited New Zealand to take part in the IPv6 Hui — probably needs no real introduction, having been a codesigner of the basic architecture of the internet and of the TCP/IP protocol that makes the internet possible. He is even known as a "father of the internet". Cerf was at an IEEE event in Silicon Valley recently to celebrate the 40th anniversary of DARPAnet, a forerunner to the internet, and the 125th anniversary of IEEE itself. InfoWorld editor at large Paul Krill spoke with Cerf about a variety of internet topics, including government legislation that could give the president greater authority over the internet. Cerf also discussed his career with the internet.