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  • Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 project well underway

    Canonical community manager Jono Bacon has announced that testers and developers are needed to help bring Ubuntu 13.04 to the Nexus 7 tablet, as part of an effort to move the Linux-based operating system onto multiple platforms.

  • Servers preloaded with Amazon-friendly cloud software

    Ubuntu and Dell have come up with a scheme to make it easier for Amazon EC2 customers to shift workloads to and from the cloud -- by shipping Dell servers preloaded with Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud software, or UEC.

  • Microsoft, other rivals slam Google Chrome OS

    Microsoft is, predictably, not all that impressed by Google's demonstration of its upcoming Chrome OS, but neither were a number of potential rivals in the Linux and instant-on operating system space.

  • Google OS could put the squeeze on other Linux flavours

    Much of the discussion around Google's new PC operating system has focused on a looming battle with Windows, but the biggest losers could be other Linux OSes that have been enjoying some moderate success on netbooks, industry analysts said.

  • Free and fair — and open source

    The Electoral Enrolment Centre (EEC) found itself cited by both sides in the debate over collapsed software licence negotiations between the government and Microsoft last month.

  • IBM announces virtualised Lotus Notes

    IBM has teamed up with Ubuntu and Virtual Bridges to offer a virtualised version of Lotus Notes. The companies claim users will be able to experience significant savings compared to a Windows-based machine.

  • School switches to Linux, hopes to keep MS funds

    Warrington School, in Otago, has decided to jump ship and deploy the GNU/Linux operating system with free software across the board by a target date of 2010, says the school’s principal, Nathan Parker.

  • Ubuntu unveils mobile custom OS

    Ubuntu Linux has released the first developer's version of its new Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition 8.04 operating system, which is aimed at device manufacturers building internet-ready handheld devices based on Intel's Atom processors.