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  • Firm avoids penalty for loss of 14,000 records

    The UK government's Information Commissioner has found Skipton Financial Services (SFS) in breach of the Data Protection Act following the theft of an unencrypted laptop containing the personal information of 14,000 SFS customers.

  • Phishers won’t stop as long as users continue to click

    Carnegie Mellon University is researching the best ways to educate email users about the dangers of phishing, such as how to distinguish the URL of a fraudulent website from a legitimate one. Not exactly rocket science...or is it?

  • Admin stole more data than disclosed

    A senior database administrator at a subsidiary of Fidelity National Information Services who was responsible for defining and enforcing data access rights at the company took data belonging to as many as 8.5 million consumers — not 2.3 million, as originally disclosed by the company.

  • Data theft incident costs IT workers their jobs

    One employee has been fired and three others have resigned in connection with the theft in late December of backup computer tapes and disks containing personal information and the medical records of about 365,000 hospice and home health care patients from a parked car in Portland, Oregon.