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  • Cisco appealing EU approval of Microsoft/Skype union, again

    Cisco is reportedly attempting to persuade Europe's second-highest court that it should overturn the European Union's approval of the Microsoft/Skype union, an $8.5 billion blockbuster originally announced by the companies two years ago.

  • CSIRO telepresence robots connect students with National Museum

    The National Museum in Canberra and CSIRO are trialling a virtual tour system using robots called B1 and B2. The robots, which contain telepresence technology, navigate the galleries of the Museum with a human staff member on hand to explain the exhibits.

  • Unified Communications Success Depends on Changing Habits

    Disrupting the way employees interact is often risky. And deploying <a href="">unified communications (UC) tools</a> can be riskier than other enterprise software rollouts because it affects employees' ingrained habits. "People move at their own pace around [this] technology," observes Barry Libenson, CIO of Land O'Lakes. "It's not like a new ERP system."

  • 5 things you need to know about videoconferencing

    Your office is now optional. A recent study from Infonetics Research projects that enterprises will spend $5 billion on videoconferencing and telepresence by 2015. To accommodate the need for instant connectivity and information sharing at the office, CIOs need to coordinate IT investments with physical space. Vendors like Polycom and Steelcase are teaming up to integrate audio, video and file sharing using multiple ports and display screens at office meeting tables.

  • Holograms tipped to give video a 3D Look

    University of Arizona scientists have developed a holographic telepresence system that projects a 3D, full-color, moving image -- but doesn't require viewers to wear special glasses to see the image properly.