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  • Labour will vote against UFB Bill

    Labour will vote against the Telecommunications (TSO, Broadband, and Other Matters) Amendment bill and it will overturn sections of the new law if it is passed by Parliament next week, should it return to power at the next election.

  • Extension granted on submissions to telco bill

    TUANZ and InternetNZ have been successful in their bid for an extension to submissions on the supplementary order paper that would govern the process for structurally separating Telecom if it is a successful bidder in the Ultra Fast Broadband plan.

  • Telecomms Amendment Bill enshrines 'regulatory holiday'

    The proposed 10-year “regulatory holiday” for participants in the Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) project, first noted by Computerworld in July, is enshrined in the Telecommunications (TSO, Broadband and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, which was introduced on November 23 and is set for its first reading in Parliament this week.