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  • Telecom launches pack for M2M app development

    Telecom has made available a free developer’s pack with the resources needed to develop machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The pack is meant for New Zealanders interested in working on M2M solutions.

  • Telecom Wholesale's rivals offer faster services

    Unbundled plans - that is a broadband service from an ISP that has put in its own equipment into an exchange - provide web browsing speeds that are faster than plans from Telecom Wholesale, according to a Commerce Commission audit of broadband from January to June 2010, released today.

  • Regulatory hiccup hits VDSL2 trial

    Broadband customers hoping to speed up their connections through Telecom’s high-speed VDSL2 service face a longer wait, as the service was put on ice last month for an indeterminate period of time.

  • Telecom to pay up over loyalty deals

    Telecom will pay $1.6 million to rivals Vodafone and Orcon following a settlement with the Commerce Commission over its wholesale division’s ‘loyalty offers’.