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  • Wi-Fi client surge forcing fresh wireless LAN thinking

    Carnegie Mellon University, which saw 1,000 brand-new Wi-Fi clients appear on its campus <a href="">wireless</a> LAN this past semester, is experiencing the kind of device surge that's forcing IT groups all over to adapt to a new, more dynamic radio environment.

  • iPad case made from kangaroo debuts Down Under

    The next time you hop down to your nearest electronics store to buy a new pouch for your <a href="">iPad</a>, be aware it could be made from kangaroo.

  • Top Web sites have an iPad preference

    The top 500 Web sites are catering more to the <a href="">iPad</a> than they are to <a href="">Android</a> <a href="">tablets</a>, according to tests by Blaze Software.

  • Smartphones and tablets create huge corporate security challenge

    Adapting security and management for the new generation of <a href="">mobile devices</a> -- everything from the <a href="">Apple</a> <a href="">iPhone</a> and <a href="">iPad</a> to Google <a href="">Android</a> devices to name a few -- is turning out to be a huge <a href="">corporate challenge</a>.

  • University, Aruba test iPad's Wi-Fi video performance

    A test network of 100 <a href="">Apple</a> iPads successfully ran a battery of classroom multimedia <a href="">applications</a> over an 802.11n <a href="">Wi-Fi</a> network, according to Aruba Networks and the University of Ottawa, where the test was held in May.

  • Security Shootout: PlayBook, iPad, Android

    By now, CIOs everywhere have felt at least a little pressure to bring new-fangled tablets to the enterprise: Apple iPads, BlackBerry PlayBooks, even Android machines. But many claim security on tablets remains woefully immature--or is it?

  • Forrester's iPad Security Tips

    Market researcher Forrester has some unpleasant news for those of you running iPad apps in your enterprise. Forrester's iPad take: Chances are good that commercial apps don't protect sensitive data on an iPad or iPhone.

  • Apple iOS 5 cuts iPhone, iPad loose from computers, embraces the cloud

    Apple announced 200 new features and 1500 new APIs in the next release of its mobile operating system, iOS 5. The biggest changes cut the cable to Macs and PCs, tie it more closely to Apple's new cloud services, and update the UI with real-time interactivity in the form of revamped notifications system.

  • 'Lion' brings iPad gestures to Mac OS for only $30

    <a href="">Apple</a> Monday previewed <a href="">Lion</a>, the next major version of Mac OS X, which will feature <a href="">iPad</a>-like multi-touch gestures and be sold for $29.99 on the Mac App Store.

  • Can the iPad cure what ails us?

    A neurology patient at a Texas hospital may soon find doctors handing him an iPad with game-like apps on it to test his motor skills. Nurses will be able to roam bedsides while remotely checking electrocardiograms, or EKGs, on their iPads. Doctors are already sharing medical records on iPads with their peers, in order to discuss patient care.

  • 5 most unusual iPad incidents: from kidney selling to burning replicas

    <a href="">Apple</a>'s claim that the <a href="">iPad tablet</a> is magical sounds about right. It has inspired people to behave in some pretty unusual ways. A review of five of the most headturning here: