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  • Twitter to open source streaming data analyser

    Expanding the field of complex event process software with another offering, Twitter will release as open source its software for analysing live large-scale data streams, called Storm.

  • Review: BlackBerry Storm bridges business and lifestyle

    The new BlackBerry 9530, or Storm, has the familiar fingertip navigation and flick-to-scroll gesture common to most widescreen phones. Apart from that, the Storm is very much its own device, unmistakably a BlackBerry in its strong messaging, connectivity, and extensibility, but carried to a new level of usability by a touchscreen display and a redesigned GUI.

  • Hacked GOP site infects visitors with malware

    A Republican Party website has been hacked, and for some time it has been spreading a variation of the long-running Storm Trojan horse to vulnerable visitors, says a security researcher.