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  • Clampdown urged on staff flouting security rules

    Businesses are being urged to clamp down on staff who are flouting security rules, after a survey found that too many companies are vulnerable to ignorant or careless behaviour from their workforce.

  • Avoid obsolesence, embrace Web 2.0: CIOs

    Gartner analyst Anthony Bradley foresees "a significant shift in power" within organisations. With free internet applications, web platforms and social software, "the consumer side of the world is driving most technology advancement, not enterprise IT", he says.

  • Coaching staff doesn't require expensive consultants

    Plenty of money is made by experts who offer coaching advice to managers, but according Susan Cramm, president of Valuedance, an executive coaching firm in the US, there’s no reason why managers can’t get on and coach their staff without that specialist help.

  • How to survive the joys of a corporate integration

    Brian Fellows had seen it all before. When media conglomerate Thomson acquired NewsEdge five years ago it was the second time NewsEdge had been swallowed up by a larger competitor. The anxiety that swept through NewsEdge’s 20-person IT department was palpable. But Fellows, then the distributor of electronic news and the security manager, kept his head.

  • 'ICT has no mana': Biggs

    The New Zealand ICT industry is at the point of crisis over the number of new recruits coming into the industry, according to a report commissioned by the Game Developers Association.