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  • Facebook's 'green' data center design to have ripple effect

    Facebook's innovative new <a href="">data center</a> design -- believed to be one of the world's most energy-efficient facilities of its kind -- will have a significant influence on corporate data center build-outs over the next several years, experts say.

  • Quora: The next social network IT pros need to know?

    <a href="">Quora</a> is an increasingly popular social network for asking and answering questions on topics ranging from how Britney Spears was discovered to how to  flee Tokyo following an earthquake. But the venture funded start-up, which was formed by a couple of ex-Facebook execs, also is filled with plenty of crowdsourced expertise about work-related topics for IT pros, such as <a href="">whether Cisco will buy EMC</a>,  <a href="">how the iPad might be used at work</a> and <a href="">how to improve Ubuntu.</a>

  • Royal Wedding: Will & Kate & YouTube

    If you really can't wait for a recorded version of the <a href="">Royal Wedding</a> come April 29, Google's YouTube unit has announced that the Royal Family will provide a live video stream of the big day's events.

  • Google Books settlement proposal rejected

    A proposed agreement drafted by Google, authors and publishers to settle their yearslong copyright litigation has been rejected, a major setback to Google's ambitious plans to build a massive marketplace and library for digital books.

  • Twitter adds option to always use HTTPS connection

    With the rising awareness and concern over the stealing of passwords and other sensitive data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks, Twitter is the latest online services company to boost its use of encrypted website connections.

  • Cebit kicks off with talk of openness

    Open democracy, open borders and open standards were the themes to which speakers returned again and again at the opening ceremony for the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany, on Monday night.

  • Facebook CEO Zuckerberg gets his own comic book

    Just when you thought billionaire 20-something Mark Zuckerberg couldn't possibly get any more exposure, a new comic book has hit store shelves telling the real story of the Facebook founder's rise to glory.