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  • 5 top social media security threats

    Social media platforms such as <a href="">Twitter</a>, Facebook and LinkedIn increasingly are being used by enterprises to engage with customers, build their brands and communicate information to the rest of the world.

  • Baseball fans turn to social media to torch botched Bernie Brewer scavenger hunt

    A marketing promotion by the <a href="">Milwaukee Brewers</a> to have baseball fans hunt for 1,400 little Bernie Brewer statues across Wisconsin to win tickets and autographs has created a social media storm this week because of people who didn't play fair.

  • Social media shares more marketing budget: Survey

    A new survey indicates more traditional business marketing money is being spent on social media activities, including using the public services to build customer relationships, not just to drum up publicity.

  • Q&A: RIM's take on social networking

    Although Research in Motion made its name by delivering secure corporate email, it has had to move quickly to adapt to the ever-shifting world of social networking.

  • Internet creaks under tidal wave of bin Laden death news

    President Obama's late-night announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden by Navy SEALs triggered a massive amount of real-time comments, searches, social networking and video streaming. The traffic explosion bogged down news pages and for a while even crashed CNN's mobile news site.

  • Facebook's 'green' data center design to have ripple effect

    Facebook's innovative new <a href="">data center</a> design -- believed to be one of the world's most energy-efficient facilities of its kind -- will have a significant influence on corporate data center build-outs over the next several years, experts say.

  • Quora: The next social network IT pros need to know?

    <a href="">Quora</a> is an increasingly popular social network for asking and answering questions on topics ranging from how Britney Spears was discovered to how to  flee Tokyo following an earthquake. But the venture funded start-up, which was formed by a couple of ex-Facebook execs, also is filled with plenty of crowdsourced expertise about work-related topics for IT pros, such as <a href="">whether Cisco will buy EMC</a>,  <a href="">how the iPad might be used at work</a> and <a href="">how to improve Ubuntu.</a>

  • Royal Wedding: Will & Kate & YouTube

    If you really can't wait for a recorded version of the <a href="">Royal Wedding</a> come April 29, Google's YouTube unit has announced that the Royal Family will provide a live video stream of the big day's events.