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  • IT heads for talent shortfall

    The Australian IT industry needs to stop digging its own grave and take a good hard look at itself to figure out what it wants — and start lobbying, according to Sensis CIO Len Carver.

  • ITANZ stems IT worker influx

    The IT Association is showing itself less ready to help foreign IT workers enter the country as jobs in the sector dry up.

  • The great skills shortage conspiracy

    IT professionals would hate to think they could be so easily manipulated. Have skill shortages been used as a ploy to depress wages? Surely not.

  • Growing our own

    Last week’s look at skill shortages and New Zealand’s need to bring in immigrants from third world countries begs the obvious question: Is our education and training sector failing us if our businesses persistently need to bring in IT people from overseas?

  • Four iterations of the L word

    Whenever I read an article concerning the perceived IT resource shortage, I have to chuckle. I hear Cheech and Chong saying, "We ain't got no stinkin' IT labour shortage!" What we do have is a mind-set that keeps us from solving the problem.

  • What IT worker shortage?

    The Information Technology Association of America recently said about 800,000 of the new IT jobs created in the US this year will have no one to fill them.