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  • Inventor of SecurID token touts new authentication system

    The inventor of the two-factor authentication SecurID token says the latest technology he's come up with, an electronic wallet, is better because it can be used with a voiceprint biometric, plus it can be deployed for purposes of secure authentication in mobile phones, payments and cloud computing.

  • Opinion: Prepare for advanced persistent threats, or risk being the next RSA

    Just a few years ago, the media was publishing daily stories about website defacements or even bank theft. How I wish for those halcyon days. Now APT (advanced persistent threat) attacks are grabbing media attention on a near-weekly basis -- and IT security teams must take heed and prepare.
    The APT attackers are not stealing money or passwords, even when they break into banks. They are stealing information. In a nutshell, APT attackers aim to take all valuable intellectual property from the victim and transfer it to their home safe harbor country, either to use for competitive advantage or for profit.
    Equal-opportunity threat

  • IDC posts guidance on SecurID breach

    IDC has posted a set of essential guidance following the disclosure by EMC/RSA of a breach to their core SecurID system. You can find the guidance at the following URL.

  • Industry searches for answers after RSA breach

    RSA's revelation that its network had been breached and information relating to its SecurID one-time password technology stolen has left customers and industry experts with more questions than answers.