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  • Meyer Cookware signs Pronto in ERP deal

    The Australian division of global cookware manufacturer, Meyer Cookware, has signed a six-figure deal with ERP developer, Pronto Software, to implement Pronto-Xi across the enterprise.

  • Making the ERP connection

    The enterprise resource planning software (ERP) market is expected to lift significantly this year after a global slowdown, as vendors offer the ability to link traditional ERP with CRM (customer relationship management) and SCM (supply chain management) applications. Mark Broatch finds one of the biggest issues for companies moving down this path is making all the pieces work together.

  • Case study: Tower

    ERP vendors have a challenge ahead of them trying to cover the waterfront of CRM and supply chain, says the general manager of development for Tower Insurance, David Callender. Your ERP system can’t do everything well and won’t solve all your problems, he says.