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  • Groups urge Obama to oppose cyberthreat sharing bills

    U.S. President Barack Obama should oppose legislation intended to let businesses share cyberthreat information with each other and with government agencies because the bill would allow the sharing of too much personal information, a coalition of digital rights groups and security experts said.

  • MIT beats the rush, names Dropbox CEO as 2013 commencement speaker

    Colleges and universities typically don't announce commencement speakers until the spring, but the Massachusetts Institute of Technology got a jump on things this week by announcing that Dropbox CEO and 2005 MIT grad Drew Houston would be doing the honors in 2013.

  • Full-Duplex Boosts Network Traffic

    Rice University researchers have developed full-duplex wireless technology that they say could double network traffic -- at a low cost, with little need for new hardware and without much disruption in service.

  • Rice demonstrates full-duplex wireless technology

    Rice University researchers today announced they have successfully demonstrated full-duplex wireless technology that would allow a doubling of network traffic without the need for more cell towers.

  • What Cyberwar Might Really Look Like

    Imagine it's August 2020. A powerful and rising China wants to bring the city-state of Singapore into its fold like it has with Hong Kong. Before the first physical attacks, China launches a cyberoffensive to disrupt the communications capabilities of the U.S., Japan and their allies.

  • Smaller, faster microchip

    Scientists from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and US-based Rice University have created a microchip that uses 30 times less electricity while running seven times faster than today's technology.