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  • OCR comes of age with FineReader 8.0

    ABBYY FineReader 7.0 was a pretty good OCR (optical character recognition) product that garnered respectable reviews in 2003. The latest version, FineReader 8.0 Professional, takes something good and makes it even better.

  • Dreaming of a white Christmas

    Ten minutes after the box arrived, I had (all by myself) unpacked and set up the computer, got it going, taken a photo of myself and emailed that photo to my geek partner, saying: “Look, I’ve got an iMac G5 to test.” And I’m only a mere journalist.

  • Corel Paint Shop Pro misses the target

    For the best part of a decade, PSP (Paint Shop Pro) has been the valiant underdog in the fight for the hearts and minds of creative computer users who are looking for a decent image editor.

  • Girls’ own Christmas toy

    Just in time for Christmas comes the Palm Z22 — it’s cute, stylish and aimed firmly at women. Its marketing makes it clear the company has mums-on-the-move in mind with its talk of keeping on top of kids’ appointments, entertaining tots with games at the doctor’s surgery and storing favourite family photos. The question is: does Palm fulfil its promise?

  • Open source Nessus tool to go commercial

    Aiming to address support concerns, Tenable Network Security is introducing Nessus, its widely used open source vulnerability-scanning tool, as a commercial product in a major upgrade slated for November.