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  • IRD cans CIO role, splits IT in two

    Inland Revenue has disestablished the position of chief information officer.
    A spokesman says two IT divisions have been created, one to focus on day-to-day business and the other on future IT requirements and strategy.

  • Sharpen up at work to avoid losing your job

    “No one can get too comfortable in their position right now. If you get complacent and have no intentions of improving upon yourself, you will lose your job to that person – and there is always at least one – who is constantly looking for ways to better himself and add more value to the business,” says Colt Mercer, a network engineer and a Network World Google Subnet blogger.

  • Surviving redundancy

    It's been a tough year for 27-year-old Stephan Koledin. On June 7 last year, he was laid off from his software development job at The Motley Fool, located near Washington DC.

  • Firing could be the best thing

    Recently, most of the employment news has been grim -- specifically about layoffs and downsizing. The question that many of us have been asking is, "Is there a silver lining to being fired?" I am here to tell you yes.

  • Downsizing with dignity

    Bill Baker, a former systems engineer for Commerce One in Harmony Park, Michigan, wasn't surprised when he got laid off in late April. In fact, just a week earlier, a human resources representative at the e-commerce service provider asked him for his resume‚ and forwarded it to client Ford Motor, where his two superiors had recently moved hoping to avoid the same fate.

  • Cutting jobs? The pain can be eased

    Heard any positive, uplifting IT workforce downsizing stories lately? There aren't many. I've recently heard hundreds of ugly anecdotes in vivid detail, and I'm getting really tired of them.

  • Is your job safe?

    As even New Zealand companies suffer redundancies because of the US dot-com downturn, just how safe is your job?