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  • Ray Ozzie seeks encore to Lotus Notes, Microsoft triumphs

    Ray Ozzie -- the creator of Lotus Notes who had a successful five-year run at Microsoft -- stands ready to leave his next mark on the industry, this time with his nearly year-old startup Talko (formerly Cocomo), a venture funded by $4 million from investors and shrouded in secrecy.

  • Analysis: Is Ozzie's exit good or bad for Microsoft?

    Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie's plan to retire, announced in a memo by CEO Steve Ballmer, marks the end of a five-year tenure during which Ozzie helped steer the company to a cloud computing model and helped develop Windows Azure.

  • Microsoft's Ozzie announces post-PC era plan

    As Ray Ozzie prepares to leave Microsoft, he's offering a new five-year plan for the company that eschews the current PC-centric world, just as he made his mark five years ago issuing a call to arms away from software products towards cloud computing.

  • Ray Ozzie leaving Microsoft

    Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie is to leave, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced in an internal email reproduced by website Seattle pi.

  • Microsoft vs Google: The empire prepares to strike back

    It can't be easy being Ray Ozzie. Microsoft's chief software architect is just 18 months into the job as Bill Gates' handpicked successor. Yet, depending on whom you ask, his tenure will either signal a bold new era for the company or mark the beginning of its terminal decline.