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  • VMware's private cloud computing vision

    VMware wants people to be able to access enterprise applications with the same ease and flexibility they enjoy from Facebook and Gmail. That is, on any device, without a thought about where the service originated.

  • Private clouds gaining traction among CIOs

    Private clouds — where companies use their own infrastructure and provision virtualised services to end users via automated tools — are gaining traction among IT leaders who want to deliver advanced services at lower cost.

  • EMC acquires cloud support vendor FastScale

    EMC has acquired FastScale Technology, a vendor of software for data centers, in an effort to focus on supporting private cloud infrastructures, the company announced Monday.

  • Private clouds a good first step, say IT pros

    Deploying a private cloud network is a good way for enterprises to ease into cloud computing before deploying applications on the infrastructures of companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, IT professionals said at a conference in New York this month.