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  • Wireless PDAs deliver cinema snacks quick-smart

    Skycity Cinemas has installed wireless access points in its plush Gold Class cinemas in Auckland and Wellington, so waiting staff can take orders via PDAs and wirelessly transmit them to the kitchen.

  • RoamAD wins Caribbean wi-fi deal

    New Zealand wireless network builder RoamAD has signed a major deal with the Dominican Republic’s DR Telecom, to deploy wi-fi throughout the Caribbean island nation.

  • Taking care of city events

    City Care has developed its own event management software which has both lifted service levels and provides a single view of a current contract – even to those out in the field.

  • Council goes mobile to boost biosecurity

    Auckland regional council’s wireless application allows biosecurity field officers to remotely upload and download spatial data using PDAs that connect to a centralised SQL server.

  • City Care stays in touch

    City Care, which provides contracting services to local authorities and other asset owners, is benefiting from a mobile solution introduced to improve communications between office and field workers.

  • Pet PDA project pays off

    A mobile sales automation system which petfood and accessories supplier Masterpet has had running since February is on track for an expected return on its investment within 12 to 18 months, says IT manager Monib Moayyed.

  • A Wallaby in the hand beats cranky customers

    Ian Morrish might be the happiest man at Microsoft New Zealand. Not only is he proudly in possession of a rare Wallaby PDA-cum-cellphone, but he’s also immune to bothersome customer questions about software licensing.

  • PDAs still assistant wannabes

    PDA – personal digital assistant. Must be one of the most pathetically over-reaching acronyms ever devised.