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  • One laptop project makes strides

    Display screen technology developer Mary Lou Jepsen is working at her new start-up to create laptop PCs so energy-efficient they'll be able to run on a standard laptop battery for 20 to 40 hours before needing a recharge.

  • New Zealand should invest in education in the Pacific Islands, says expat

    New Zealand could benefit from investing in education in the Pacific Islands, expatriate New Zealander Barry Vercoe said at the recent Digital Future Summit in Auckland. Educating people before they come to New Zealand could potentially contribute to easing the skills crisis and have a positive impact on the economy.
    Immigrants from the Pacific Island are generally not skilled in technology, said Vercoe. An enlightened policy for New Zealand would be to educate these people before they arrive, he said. Vercoe, who has created some of the software included in the One Laptop Per Child laptops, believes that the OLPC programme, aimed at children aged 6-12, could lead to a new generation of immigrants already familiar with technology and ideally suited for jobs in the IT industry the moment they arrive.

  • US$100 laptops to roll off production lines in Q2 2007

    The US$100 (NZ$151) laptop PC at the heart of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative aimed at school children in developing countries will start rolling off production lines in the second quarter of next year.