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  • Opinion: Make government a customer, not an investor

    At a forum hosted recently by the New Zealand Computer Society in Auckland some participants talked about the role of government in fostering innovation. I was struck by the contrast between this and a lecture by visiting University of Texas professor Rob Adams the following week giving very clear and direct advice to aspiring entrepreneurs where he never mentioned government even once.

  • Opinion: It's time to take IT governance seriously

    Whether we as an industry like to admit it or not, we have a problem when it comes to how IT is regarded in the boardroom and at the senior executive level of many New Zealand organisations. However, this is not an IT problem; this is an overall corporate governance issue and the consequence of failing to understand technology deployments at board level is significant.

  • IRD ruling could stifle software projects: NZCS CEO

    A recent notice from Inland Revenue saying money spent on “unsuccessful” software projects is not tax-deductible, could well lead international companies to think twice about setting up development facilities locally, says NZ Computer Society CEO Paul Matthews.