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  • Facebook and AT&T herald a new day of open networking

    On Tuesday at the Structure 2016 conference in San Francisco, Facebook announced its most powerful modular data-center switch yet, and AT&T gave an update on its huge migration from dedicated servers to a software-based architecture.

  • Giving networks a polish can save money

    Of all of the ongoing expenses needed to keep corporate IT running, network-related costs are perhaps the most unwieldy. New technologies, changing requirements and ongoing equipment maintenance and upgrades keep IT staff on their toes and money flowing out the door. But there are ways to manage network costs.

  • The weather report: 'Variability' is the scourge of NZ's networks

    The idea behind this column is to take a look back at the country’s broadband performance and to focus on a couple of issues of interest; for example a particular ISP’s performance, a particular performance issue, international comparisons or new technologies.

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