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  • TechEd 2014: Nanotechnology - the way of the future

    Solid objects that are invisible to the naked eye, powering devices with your own sweat, reversible adhesion that will enable devices to be attached to anything, anywhere – these were some of the ideas discussed by University of Auckland senior lecturer Dr Michelle Dickinson in her hour-long session on nanotechnology at Microsoft’s TechEd 2014.

  • MIT uses nanotubes to help fight cancer

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology today announced that a group of scientists there have developed nanotechnology that can be placed inside living cells to determine whether chemotherapy drugs are reaching their targets or attacking healthy cells.

  • Nanotech wins FRST funds

    Wellington nanotechnology researchers have won a $6.7 million investment from the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST).

  • Electric nanotech T-shirt

    Nanotechnology researchers have developed a shirt that brings new meaning to the slogan "power to the people". The researchers, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, claim that what you wear may soon be enough to power your MP3 player.

  • Beware of the 'electronic butler' in 2008

    Both enterprises and consumers will catch up to the reality of technological change that is the “double-edged sword” this year, according to Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) predictions for 2008.