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  • Toybox: Lightweight MP3 player with animated interface

    Samsung’s T10 MP3 player made its way to Toybox headquarters this week. Measuring a mere 87mm by 40mm by 8mm and weighing in at just 43 grams, I could barely feel the feather-light device in my pocket. It is a combined music player, FM radio, photo album, video player, voice recorder and game player, so it’s pretty fully featured.

  • Wearable MP3 player

    SanDisk has introduced the Sansa Clip, a new wearable MP3 player about the size of a golf ball, designed to compete with Apple's iPod shuffle. The device comes in 1GB and 2GB models.

  • Electronic watermarks used to police downloads

    A German company is offering MP3 files for download, unencumbered by DRM (digital rights management). Instead, Akuma discourages copying by adding a unique “watermark” to each download.

  • No threat for record companies

    The open-source movement has inspired countless debates about copyright issues. One such issue came to mind recently when I discovered a utility called Napster. Napster searches one of several Internet databases for recorded music. If you find any songs you like, you can download and play them anytime.