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  • Three of the best in mobile, wireless and telco

    As it happens, the finalists in the Mobile, Wireless and Telecommunications Solutions category of the Computerworld Excellence Awards fall neatly into each niche: Kiwibank, and its Mobile Banking; Canning and Associates Limited, with its WIZWireless rural/remote ISP solution; and Spinning Planet, with its global media convergence telephony and internet access implementation.

  • When crisis strikes: why staying in touch is vital

    On the morning of July 7, 2005, Kenneth McCrae left his hotel in central London and headed for Baker Street Underground station. It was a warm day and he remembers looking longingly across the street at the green grass and trees in Regent’s Park before heading down to catch his train. McCrae boarded at 8.42 am along with the millions who jam the city’s famous subway system each day. On a whim, he decided to take the Metropolitan line instead of the Circle line. It turned out to be a good choice. At 8.50, a series of powerful bombs exploded underground, and one of those seriously damaged a train on the Circle line, just two trains ahead of McCrae. Above ground, another blast would rip apart a bus in Tavistock Square nearly an hour later.

  • Most fixed-to-mobile projects doomed, study finds

    Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), the much-touted technology that combines mobile phones with fixed lines to save companies money, will be insecure and most implementations will fail, according to some analysts.

  • Moveable data needs mindful managing

    As far as Joseph Gimigliano is concerned, the best way to deal with a laptop or handheld device being stolen isn't to run down the street yelling, "Stop, thief!"

  • Surfing the mobile wave a test for IT

    At many companies, users have got ahead of themselves — and IT, too — in the rush for the latest mobile devices, unaware of the challenges they pose. “They don’t realise it takes infrastructure, a wireless signal and a whole bunch of things before you can use a handheld,” says Hap M Cluff, director of IT for the city of Norfolk, Virginia.