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  • Detail on kiosk fault too risky to release: MSD

    The security fault labelled "critical" in's May 2011 report on the Ministry of Social Development's kiosk systems was promptly fixed, but MSD still declines to provide detailed information on the reasons for suppressing details of the fault under the Official Information Act.

  • MSD picks Planview for enterprise portfolio management

    The Ministry of Social Development has entered into a contract to implement Planview's Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) system.
    The system is to be provided as software as a service. MSD CIO David Habershon says the value of the contract will depend on the eventual number of MSD users subscribed. It is expected to range from $100,000 to $170,000 a year.
    "Adoption of an EPM tool is only one part of a suite of measures we have been implementing to improve economy, efficiency and effectiveness," he says.
    "We are responsible for taxpayers’ money. As such, we are committed to streamlining our systems by removing duplication and rework to use our resources better.