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  • Apple readies for holiday bonanza

    The Apple iPhone might not be dominating the smartphone market like its iOS cousin, the iPad, is commanding the emerging tablet market, but recent signs point to an upcoming iPhone boon that will go bonkers this holiday season.

  • Forrester to CIOs: End the Mac prohibition

    Forrester analyst David Johnson likes to compare Macs in the enterprise with the heady days of the Prohibition Act of 1920, the great thirst, stealthy bootlegging, and the rise of the speakeasy bar.

  • Steve Jobs' resignation - reactions

    As news of Steve Jobs resignation as CEO of Apple broke late last night, tech industry pundits and players were quick to weigh in with their tributes to the man and the company he co-founded.

  • Windows 7 helps Microsoft boost OS share to 78.6%

    Microsoft's Windows accounted for 78.6 per cent of worldwide operating system revenue in 2010, up nearly a full percentage point, despite growth in Linux servers and Mac desktops, according to Gartner.

  • OpenOffice 3.0 for Mac

    The Community has announced the release of 3.0, a free office software suite designed as an alternative to Microsoft Office. It is the first version to run natively on Mac OS X. The software was previously released as a public beta.

  • Group to promote Macs in the enterprise formed

    A consortium of five companies has announced the creation of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA). The aim of the group is to promote the deployment of Macs in the enterprise. The five founding companies — Centrify, LANrev, Atempo, GroupLogic, and Parallels — are all focused on integrating the Mac operating system and infrastructure with Windows and PC-based network infrastructure for large companies.

  • Show forecast: Thin, light notebook 'sure bet'

    Although only Steve Jobs knows for sure what new products he will introduce today to the Apple faithful gathered in San Francisco, if there's anything close to a sure bet, it's a smaller notebook, said analysts.

  • More Mac sense and nonsense

    Commenters on my Enterprise Mac blog have been begging for an update to my column "Mac sense and nonsense", in which I chronicled the early experiences of a friend who agreed to switch from Windows — her OS for her entire computer-using life — to the Mac. Updates on her progress are among those things I keep meaning to do, but 2007 has been a year of one top priority after another, all strung together. Now, in a cab to LaGuardia Airport, I’m blissfully unable to browse, and that gives me a chance to reflect on some of what I’ve observed as my friend makes the migration.

  • Google Desktop for Mac to be released

    Google will release Google Desktop for Mac on Wednesday, marking the first time the search giant will make its desktop tool available to Mac users. Mac users already have a search tool with Apple's Spotlight, but Google says its utility will work alongside the Mac OS X 10.4 feature perfectly.

  • Windows user daunted and dazzled by Mac

    A couple of columns ago, I introduced you to a friend and lifelong professional Windows user who agreed to let me observe and document her trial run at switching to the Mac. I set her up with a can’t-lose bargain: She would swap her desktop Windows PC for a Core 2 Duo MacBook running OS X Tiger but retain her PC as a Parallels Desktop virtual machine. To switch or not to switch is entirely her decision to make; I’m just watching.