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  • Ray Ozzie seeks encore to Lotus Notes, Microsoft triumphs

    Ray Ozzie -- the creator of Lotus Notes who had a successful five-year run at Microsoft -- stands ready to leave his next mark on the industry, this time with his nearly year-old startup Talko (formerly Cocomo), a venture funded by $4 million from investors and shrouded in secrecy.

  • IBM announces virtualised Lotus Notes

    IBM has teamed up with Ubuntu and Virtual Bridges to offer a virtualised version of Lotus Notes. The companies claim users will be able to experience significant savings compared to a Windows-based machine.

  • How to get SharePoint and stay on Lotus Notes

    Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration server software is, by many accounts, a huge hit, providing that seemingly irresistible formula of solid technology for free or at a low price.

  • Microsoft: Exchange winning away Notes users

    More than 300 companies representing 2.8 million employees began migrating to Microsoft's collaboration and content management system in the last six months of 2007, Microsoft announced on Monday.

  • Workplace platform gone, some parts remain

    What started in 2003 as an effort to build a collaboration platform constructed of reusable components met its official demise on Monday at IBM’s annual Lotusphere conference.

  • Smooth operator: Exchange’s good fit with other apps

    Microsoft Exchange’s ability to work smoothly with Microsoft CRM and other Microsoft applications is behind the Ministry of Transport’s decision to move away from Lotus Notes, says Murray Wills, a consultant advising the ministry.

  • Lotus set to uphold the future of Notes

    IBM/Lotus hopes to finally attain what years of earlier efforts have failed to yield: widespread trust among Notes/Domino users that the company remains committed to the platform and its decade-long battle with Microsoft for collaboration-software supremacy.

  • IBM pushes Workplace forward with aid of development tool

    IBM has released Workplace Designer 2.5, a development tool it hopes will help users bridge the gap between its legacy Lotus Notes/Domino architecture and the Workplace platform IBM has declared is the future when it comes to collaboration applications.

  • Lotus user ready for step up

    Three years after its last major upgrade, Lotus has released Notes and Domino 6 and Auckland company Convergence has already ported its software to run on the new platform.