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  • Heat maps can monitor system latency

    While datacentre managers have long used heat maps to help determine where to best position racks of servers and cooling units, this mode of visualisation can also be handy for better understanding system latency, argues an Oracle engineer in the July issue of Communications of the ACM.

  • Podcast: The L word

    Ian Graham is a unique figure in the New Zealand ICT landscape. One of the founders of UK-listed network probe vendor Endace, he holds a PhD from Cambridge, where he worked on microwave receivers for radio telescopes.

Whitepapers about latency

  • VMware - XtremIO powers VMworld 2013

    Read how VMware found infrastructure that could handle hundreds of thousands of low-latency IOPS to service over 2500 concurrent active virtual machines. · The infrastructure solution had to provision and deprovision labs with no impact on active students · Platform resiliency was crucial · With four all-flash arrays, results involved high levels of consistent and predictable IOPS performance under demanding workload conditions