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  • Société Générale plans to close loopholes by year end

    French bank Société Générale expects to have remedies in place by year end for the technical and procedural flaws that allowed rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel to build a fraudulent trading position that cost the bank €4.9 billion (NZ$9.85 billion).

  • How the rogue trader got around IT

    The mess at Société Générale is still unravelling. The big French bank took a US$7 billion (NZ$8.8 billion) loss last month because of a rogue trader, and French government investigators are continuing to spot new problems in the bank's story that it was all the fault of one greedy financial trader who was a computer genius.

  • Lax security processes may have aided rogue trader

    The huge losses reported by French bank Société Générale, apparently caused by a rogue trader with inside knowledge of the bank's procedures, don't necessarily point to an IT systems failure, but rather to poor management of those systems, analysts say.