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  • Open source moves into the enterprise at NZ organisations

    There was a time when open source software was almost inseparable from the image of altruistic, community-loving developers, coding away in command line interfaces in a darkened room. But those days are long gone. Sleek open source applications have made their way into the enterprise and sometimes give the proprietary giants a run for their money. In this feature, three local organisations share their open source stories.

  • MTV touts benefits of JBoss enterprise open source

    At the recent annual JBoss World user conference, earlier this month in the US, two themes were heard often when IT managers talked about adopting JBoss middleware applications within their businesses — simplifying and saving money.

  • Adobe ships Coldfusion 8

    Adobe has released Coldfusion, a development tool for building web sites and internet applications. The company says that since May 2007, more than 14,000 developers have actively participated in the Coldfusion 8 public beta.