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  • ISPs want regular audit of S92A detection methods

    ISP Association chief Jamie Baddeley has accused Campbell Smith, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of NZ (RIANZ) of being “economical with the truth” in his statement to Computerworld that ISPs registered no objections to the copyright-breach detection procedures planned by RIANZ in pursuit of the Copyright Act’s controversial Section 92A (Computerworld, March 16).

  • Telecom’s regional peering point plan gets thumbs-up

    A Telecom proposal to set up 29 regional peering points — to keep local internet traffic as close to home as possible — has got the thumbs-up, after being fleshed-out by Telecom’s wholesale division.

  • The wacky, weird world of not peering

    Would it make sense for courier packages being sent overnight across Wellington City to travel via Auckland, or to Australia — or even the US and back, before delivery? It makes no more sense for internet data packets.

  • Telecom rejigs wholesale and loosens broadband brake

    Telecom has rejigged its wholesale broadband service with three different dimensioning options on the ATM backhaul. Wholesale customers can now choose either 16, 24 or 32kbit/s per user on CUBS (commercial unbundled bitstream service), according to Telecom wholesale spokeswoman Melanie Marshall.