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  • IPv6 adoption sluggish: study

    A recent study has revealed just how slow the rate is for of adoption for IPv6, the next version of the internet's main communications protocol. The lack of enthusiasm for the new protocol has some experts saying black markets where companies trade unused IP addresses may be only a few years away.

  • InternetNZ gears up for IPv6 explosion

    New Zealand’s core internet infrastructure is being upgraded in preparation for an expected explosion in the number of internet-connected devices.

  • Preparing for the next generation

    The new IPv6 is a long-anticipated upgrade to the internet’s primary protocol, IPv4. It has a 128-bit addressing scheme that lets it support an order-of-magnitude more devices connected directly to the internet than IPv4’s 32-bit addressing. It also boasts autoconfiguration, end-to-end security and other enhancements.

  • Sun’s spanning tree creator speaks out

    One week I get to see Tim Berners-Lee, the Father of the web, and the next week I get to meet with the “Mother of the internet”. What more could a networking editor ask for?

  • Government Shared Network considering IPv6

    The Government Shared Network could potentially be New Zealand’s first major experiment with the IPv6 internet protocol, offering a vastly expanded address range and better support for more recent media such as multicasting.

  • US government takes slow approach on IPv6

    IPv6 advocates looking for the US Federal Government to make a major financial commitment to the next generation of the internet’s main communications protocol will be disappointed with the findings of a new report from the commerce department.

  • NZRS gets IPv6 ball rolling

    New Zealand Registry Services (NZRS) the company that runs the .nz register, has begun implementing IPv6 "glue" in the register's database, says manager Nick Griffin.