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  • Is free DNS a good deal for business?

    It's been almost a year since Google announced its free DNS service known as Google Public DNS, promising a speedier, safer way to surf the Web and sparking concern that Google would become the dominant DNS provider for ISPs and other large network operators.

  • Is your ISP ready for IPv6?

    The move to a new protocol is billed as the internet’s largest ever upgrade, but is your ISP ready for when the current pool of addresses runs out?

  • Gap between IPv4 depletion, IPv6 adoption widens

    With the Internet's largest-ever upgrade looming, network operators are using up address space based on the current standard -- known as IPv4 -- much faster than they are adopting IPv6, the next-generation standard.

  • BlueCat beefs up IPv6 support

    BlueCat Networks has enhanced its IP address management software to aid network operators in the transition to IPv6, the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol.

  • Comcast: We will meet our IPv6 deadline

    Comcast says it will meet its 2012 deadline of transitioning its network to support IPv6, the long anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications schedule. The ISP is halfway through a nine-month public trial of IPv6 that has attracted 7,000 of its business and residential customers nationwide.

  • Migration to take place as IPv4 pool runs dry

    A group of international experts predict the date that IPv4, the current pool of internet protocol addresses, will run out is 18 July 2011, while the transition to IPv6, the new address pool, is occurring in fits and starts in New Zealand. A special taskforce under the auspices of InternetNZ has been set up and is headed by Murray Milner.

  • Facebook commits to IPv6 support

    Facebook is to offer "experimental, non-production" support for IPv6, the long-anticipated upgrade to the internet's main communications protocol.

  • IP addresses dwindle as economies recover

    Against a background of dire warnings about an internet fast running out of IPv4 address space, Murray Milner, head of New Zealand’s IPv6 taskforce, is “very positive” that New Zealand will make it through to the world of IPv6 in an orderly and timely way.

  • IPv6 taskforce to target different sectors

    An IPv6 Task Force established last month under the auspices of InternetNZ will establish separate bodies to debate, represent and act on the concerns of various industry groups regarding the adoption of the IPv6 internet addressing scheme, says Murray Milner, who is co-ordinating the effort.

  • Vint Cerf pushes for NZ IPv6 transition

    Internet pioneer Vint Cerf began his address at the IPv6 Hui today with a brief history of the internet, from the original Arpanet to todays multi-network, interoperable behemoth.

  • Feature: Are we ready for IPv6?

    It’s no news that the pool of available Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses is running out. Thanks to the internet growing rapidly with increased broadband uptake, legacy over-allocations of blocks and with no effort to conserve remaining routable IPv4 address space, estimates say by 2011, or as early as the end of next year, none will be left.