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  • Kerlink & Tata could bring more LoRaWAN to Kiwis

    New Zealand could be getting another LoRaWAN wide area network for IoT following announcement by French LoRaWAN gear maker Kerlink and Indian tech giant Tata of plans to promote and deploy LoRaWAN IoT networks globally.

  • Check Point finds ultrasound machine trivial to hack

    Check Point has warned that medical devices used by major healthcare providers could have gaping security holes, with researchers at the security firm revealing they were able to easily hack an ultrasound machine and retrieve and alter records stored on it.

  • RSM allocates VHF spectrum for IoT testbed

    The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Radio Spectrum Management arm (RSM) has made frequencies in the 210 – 220MHz range available for IoT testbed applications until February 2022.

  • Thinxtra says NZ Sigfox IoT network now complete

    Australian company Thinxtra, which holds Australia and New Zealand licences for the Sigfox low powered wide area network technology for IoT, says its New Zealand network is now "complete" and covering 94 percent of the population.

  • Spark switches on Cat-M1 network for IoT

    Spark has become the first New Zealand mobile operator to add Cat-M1 capability to its LTE network to support IoT applications. It is available now in main centres and will be rolled out nationally in coming months.

  • Microsoft pushes machine learning to the edge

    Microsoft’s new Azure edge computing offerings are helping customers extend the reach of its cloud-based machine learning services, according to Clayton Fernandez, the company’s global director, Internet of Things.

  • What is a smart city? How to define a smart city

    'Smart city' has become more than just a buzzword in recent years. In fact, with the increase in Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices, more cities around the world are becoming smarter than ever before.

  • IoT: Google unveils 'Android Things'

    Google has launched a spinoff of its Android operating system for home appliances and other machines, following mixed results with Android offshoots for cars, smartwatches and televisions.

  • Australian start-up Fleet Space aims to enable IoT globally

    Adelaide-based startup Fleet Space Technologies is a small company with big ambitions: “to design, build and launch the technology that will become the digital nervous system for our planet, drive a connected world and unlock the next industrial revolution.”