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  • Ihug outlines P2P policy

    “Ihug is not anti-P2P,” or peer-to-peer traffic, says Cherie Lacey, the provider’s communications manager. She was responding to claims made in the Geekzone online forum by a poster claiming all Internet Protocol (IP) ports numbered over 1,000 are being rate-limited.
    This isn’t the case, Lacey says and adds “I’m afraid this customer has been misinformed.” Without specifying which ones, Lacey says that a number of ports above 1,000 are shaped.
    However, many used by common interactive protocols, such as popular online game World of Warcraft, are excluded she says, ditto ones for remote control applications and Voice over Internet Protocol.
    The Ihug customer also complained that network routing used for international traffic via Asianetcom is “lagged out of contention even as a good dial-up provider.” Lacey says this is untrue as well. Asianetcom has excellent connectivity, she says, but due to the limiting of some ports this may not be evident. Ihug gets 130ms round-trip times between New Zealand and the United States, Lacey says, even during peak traffic times. Ihug’s international bandwidth is not maxed out she says.