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  • Auckland integrated ticket card launched

    Transport Minister Steven Joyce has issued a statement welcoming the rollout of integrated ticketing in Auckland, in response to the new HOP smartcard launched in this city this afternoon.

  • NZBus upgrades intelligence, rebuilds apps

    New Zealand’s biggest bus fleet operator, NZBus, is upgrading its databases and business intelligence capability to better understand customer needs and boost fleet management.

  • $100m-plus Auckland ticketing contract delayed

    A contract to build an integrated ticketing system for public transport in Auckland has been delayed and will now be awarded over the next few months, according to the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA).

  • Forum: making a difference is the greatest reward

    In this job there’s a lot of pressure to do as the rest of the media does — to be present at every event, to turn up to interview blow-through overseas executives who basically know bugger all about New Zealand and, essentially, to follow the pack.

  • Auckland City rolls on with transport smartcard quest

    Auckland’s quest for an integrated public transport ticketing system — one that will allow passengers to travel on any form of public transport on a single ticket — is about to take another step forward.

  • Smart public transport on the cards for Auckland

    In five years’ time Aucklanders may be using single smart-card tickets to travel on any mode of transport across Auckland — and enjoying real-time reports on bus arrival times, via their mobile phones and bus-stop screens.