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  • India cloud panel pushes for data sovereignty requirement

    A panel working on the Indian government's cloud computing policy wants data generated in India to be stored within the country, according to its draft report — a proposal that could deal a blow to global technology giants such as Amazon and Microsoft who offer such services.

  • Offshoring: Preparing for India's proposed privacy rules

    The Indian government has finally taken a step toward creating a comprehensive set of data protection rules to safeguard privacy, but the proposed regulations released this spring are likely to have a major impact on the global enterprises doing business with Indian outsourcers.

  • Huawei plans to manufacture in India

    Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies plans to start having some equipment manufactured in India, a company spokesman said on last week. The company also plans to invest US$500 million over the next five years to expand its research and development (R&D) facility in Bangalore.

  • Mumbai gunmen used US VoIP service

    A US VoIP phone service kept one of the terrorists who carried out deadly attacks in Mumbai, India, in November in touch with his handlers based in Pakistan, according to reports describing a dossier of evidence compiled by Indian officials.

  • When your paycheque comes from India

    After a decade watching US IT jobs get siphoned off to India, there’s been an interesting turnabout lately: Indian companies are increasingly recruiting throughout the world. Some claim that the trend is a reaction to a shrinking talent pool in India. But companies such as Infosys Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Patni Computer Systems say they’re merely responding to the same strategic and competitive pressures that are pushing other global services firms to find and place employees internationally.

  • Jade partners with India’s CMC to take Kiwi tech ‘to the world’

    Christchurch’s Jade Software has signed a memorandum of understanding with CMC Limited, the publicly listed IT services company that is 51% owned by TCS, which is, in turn, part of Indian industrial conglomerate Tata Corporation. The latter boasts annual revenues in excess of US$22 billion (NZ$30 billion).

  • Unisys brings outsourcing to New Zealand

    When Mukul Agrawal was headhunted three years ago to establish an Indian off-shoring centre for Unisys, he had to pluck a number out of the air when asked how many staff he would need.

  • New world order for IT emerging — IDC

    North America’s share of the IT market is shrinking as China’s share grows, says Philippe de Marcillac, president of the international business unit at research company IDC. He forecasts that the IT market will more and more resemble the telco services market, where North America’s and Europe’s market shares are decreasing while the emerging countries’ market share is growing rapidly.