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  • Borders continues e-reader price war

    The price tag for e-readers will drop below the $100 threshold Wednesday when Borders starts selling its Aluratek Libre eBook Pro device $US99.99.

  • VMware aims to displace Windows with cloud-based desktop apps

    VMware is developing a new hosted service with the code name "Project Horizon" that will allow delivery of cloud-based desktop applications to any sort of user device, and perhaps further its goal of diminishing the importance of Microsoft's Windows operating system.

  • Chrome jumps into hardware speed-up game

    Google will follow the lead of Microsoft and Mozilla by offloading some browser chores to the graphics processor to speed up Chrome, the company said last week.

  • Microsoft flaunts customer dumping VMware

    Microsoft is still refusing to showcase Hyper-V at VMworld in protest of VMware rules that Microsoft believes are designed to limit competition, but that doesn't mean the Microsoft hype machine will abstain from anti-VMware marketing.

  • Smartphones Await Dual-Core Chips

    Smartphones are on the verge of getting a major boost as chip makers ready dual-core chips that could accelerate performance for both applications and multimedia files.

  • NetApp revenue grows 36% in Q1

    Data storage vendor NetApp reported today on its revenue for the first quarter of 2011, stating total product sales grew 51% when compared with the same quarter last year; and overall revenue was up 36 per cent.