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  • US Census Bureau takes stock of its handhelds

    About 1,400 US Census Bureau workers carrying wireless handhelds began fanning out across Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Stockton, California, this week in a dress rehearsal to see how the devices will be used during the 2010 census.

  • Food-maker takes right approach with little nibbles

    Amercian snack-food firm Lance has just rolled out new handheld computers for its delivery sales people — and in the process violated one of the core traditions of IT. How did Lance do that? By deciding to get the handhelds into users’ hands as quickly and simply as possible.

  • Business after-hours

    The rapid advance of wireless technology will help drive the uptake of handheld devices in 2002. IT managers, company execs and tech support have been using handhelds in their everyday lives and businesses are also now enjoying benefits from the new technologies across the sales, warehousing and distribution areas. Darren Greenwood finds out how.

  • Triple A handhelds

    Security threats to handhelds are minimal today because handheld devices are still not well-understood within hacker circles. But as businesses begin extending their applications to remote handheld users, there's no doubt that your Palm, Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Visor, and the wireless networks they use will become tempting targets.

  • Choosing a handheld

    In the old days, as Intel took us down the road from 90MHz processors on desktops and notebooks to the approaching 2GHz, IT managers would roll the PCs over every 18 months or so without a second thought.