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  • Company size no indicator of Green IT readiness: Survey

    Company size is not necessarily an indication of an enterprise’s ability to deploy Green IT initiatives, according to findings from Fujitsu’s Green IT benchmark research for the financial services industry. In the fourth report undertaken with research partner, Connection Research, Fujitsu surveyed 638 organisations in four countries — the US, UK, Australia and India — looking at areas such as Green IT lifecycle, end-user efficiencies, enteprise and data centre efficiencies, the use of IT in carbon reduction and measurement and monitoring.

  • The Light Bulb Becomes an IT Appliance

    When analyst Sam Jaffe began researching <a href="">smart buildings</a> , he figured his report would be about using IT systems to turn dumb buildings into smart ones.

  • Green IT: Train staff to think about sustainability

    Frederic Chanfrau, senior vice president of IT for governance, quality and vendor management with Schneider Electric, wants everyone in the company's IT organization to understand three points about going green. First, that energy demands are increasing at the same time as the company must decrease its greenhouse gas emissions; next, that each employee is responsible for helping address this challenge; and finally, that running a sustainable technology shop doesn't necessarily cost more. "They can put their own stone in the building of a greener IT organization," Chanfrau says. But they have to know how.

  • Alcatel kicks off green networks group

    Alcatel-Lucent wants the telecommunications industry to turn a little more green by developing new equipment that cuts power consumption by a factor of 1,000.

  • Energy efficiency that saves pennies won't fly

    Fifty cents. That's how much US businesses could save by shutting down individual PCs at night and on weekends, according to a study released last month by the Alliance to Save Energy. Of course, that's not how the report headlined it. The alliance's number was US$2.8 billion per year.

  • ANZ's greening hits funding roadblock, claims study

    A study into &#8220;Green IT&#8221; within Australian and New Zealand organisations reveals that a majority have a strong mandate from the executive to reduce the environmental impact of IT but not that many are offering a budget for IT to achieve this.

  • Thin clients and open source the green IT winners

    With election campaigning in full swing in Australia, political parties are keen to showcase their green credentials. And with the high level of political sensitivity surrounding green IT, Gartner believes it's CIOs that need to take a leadership role in this area and demonstrate corporate responsibility.