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  • Google+ shutdown accelerated after new privacy snafu

    Google will shut down its Google+ social media service in April, four months ahead of schedule, after finding a software flaw for the second time this year that allowed partner apps to access its users' private data.

  • Google+ to close after user data exposed

    Google will shut down the consumer version of its social network Google+ after announcing data from up to 500,000 users may have been exposed to external developers by a bug that was present for more than two years in its systems.

  • In Pictures: 10 ways Google has failed with Google+

    Google+ was a late but welcomed arrival to social media scene about three years ago. However, Google's answer to Facebook has failed to provide real competition. Here's a look at 10 ways the search engine king as fallen down with Google+.

  • Expect new Android version, Glass overload at Google I/O

    When the doors open for the Google I/O keynote on Wednesday, we're not expecting a team of Glass-wearing skydivers--that's so last year--but rather something equally stunning to remind us that Google is a hotbed of innovation. The stakes are high, and Google must announce a new or vastly upgraded product to keep users coming back for more.

  • Google further integrates Google+ into Gmail

    Google has started pushing its Google+ social networking service further into Gmail with new features that let users add to their circles directly from their email accounts.

  • Anonymity vs. real names on social networks

    Let's cut to the chase: This one is really about whether Facebook and the new kid on the block, Google+, should get to throw their considerable weight around by requiring that users post to their social-networking sites using real names.

  • Opinion: Google+ name policy asks a lot of us

    A controversy has erupted around Google’s much-discussed venture into social networking, Google+. The company has displeased some potential users by insisting they use their real names or at least a name by which they are well-known and which looks like a conventional name.

  • #RIPforTwitter? Not so fast

    There's been a lot of discussion lately about Google+ and why it will render Twitter obsolete. Technology and tech-culture writer Mike Elgan makes a good argument and suggests that "It's only a matter of time before Twitter becomes a ghost town."

  • Big tech names Dell, Torvalds among Google+ early adopters

    Part of the buzz this week about Google+ is that Google is reportedly working to lure celebrities such as Lady Gaga to its new social network service with verified accounts. Not sure if tech big shots beyond Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg count as celebrities, but the list of the technology industry’s biggest names using Google+ is on the rise.

  • Google+ leaps to top spot among free iPhone apps

    The top free iPhone application is now Google+, the new social network system from Google, less than 24 hours after it appeared on Apple's App Store. And that's despite a foulup that apparently first published the wrong version of the app.